Want a natural, functional art piece for your home or searching for a unique gift?

The Slate Vase offers handcrafted stone and a beautiful, designer method to display your cut flowers and greenery.

Introducing this unique, natural stone product, handmade locally by Mary in Noosa.

The Slate Vase is based on a Japanese vase concept (utilizing an ‘Ikebana’ style shallow water reservoir and ‘Kenzan’ spikes). This design enables beautiful, natural floral arrangements, with distinct advantages over traditional ‘cup’ style vases. Such as:

1) longer arrangement lifespan and

2) lower vase maintenance.

Creating such an easy and functional way to display nature’s beauty is a driving passion in Mary’s work.  Each piece of raw stone is carefully handpicked for quality and strength and taken through a rigorous shaping and crafting process. The result is one-of-a-kind vases that offer ‘nature displaying nature’.

Mary is known for this ‘passion for nature’. She is deeply inspired by the unique, intricate beauty in our world and loves to encourage more GREEN in our lives.

#MoreNature #See Beauty

The Slate Vase attends every Saturday and Wednesday market in the Railway section!