A Wrap for a Simple Life @ The Original Eumundi Markets

STALLHOLDER – Matt Devine – ‘Bee Eco’
MOBILE – 0414 331 995
EMAIL – beeeco@hotmail.com

Sustainability. Collaboration. Gratitude. Fortitude. Momentum. Global Awareness. Simplicity. Staying Humble. Passion. Love. Family. These are just some of the words and sentiments that become part of one’s awareness when discovering the rhythm of life beating in the hearts of hinterland couple Matt and Geraldine Devine, founders of Bee Eco and proud stallholders at the Original Eumundi Markets.

United, this couple have a driving passion to raise their five children in a world seemingly devoid of keeping things simple. Matt and Geraldine want to lead by example by showing their children that the solutions are all there within nature once you embrace that basic awareness of seeking nature as a way to deliver the answers.

The Devine’s reality for their tribe is living completely off grid in their revived 1920’s tea house turned treehouse acreage home that warms the soul with a quirkiness of character oozing love at one with the environment.

“We are on a mission to ‘be the change’ right now”, says Geraldine.

Bee Eco is one of the bustling businesses that can be found at the Markets, forged from a passion. The drive behind this couple was to produce handmade bee wraps with an array of exquisite, wholesome colourful designs offering a great alternative to plastic, to wrap and store food. Made with GOTS Certified organic cloth, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, it is this unique brew of natural ingredients that creates a malleable food wrap that can be used over and again!

Beeswax Wraps have been traditionally referred to as oilskins. The jojoba oil has powerful antibacterial properties that helps to keep food fresh.

The wraps are perfect for storing cheeses, wrapping vegetables, bread, herbs or covering a bowl. The warmth of the hands engages the beeswax to become pliable. When placed back in the fridge the beeswax hardens retaining the shape and sealing in the goodness. They can be washed and reused time and time again.

“We primarily began Bee Eco for our children,” said Matt.

“We wanted to have them involved with the process from the outset. To experience and see for themselves the results of creating something that helps the environment whilst really engaging with the community. We aim to continue to collaborate with nature in all that we do as a family.”

The Devine’s ethos is sustainability working hand in hand with hearts full of love, determination, and a passion for a green future. This family run, home based business in collaboration with the dedication of time they bring to their stall at the Original Eumundi Markets, has allowed this couple to form an integrated approach to sustainability in all they do in their life and their work. Matt and Geraldine are determined to live in and pass on a beautiful world to their children. It is obvious they cherish a hands on, down to earth lifestyle in all they do.

As Geraldine said, “We are determined to ‘raise’, with passion and fortitude, our children, our global awareness, our own food and our momentum toward a positive & conscious way of life.”

The Devine’s’ production of Bee Eco began to grow, to where they became regular stallholders at the Original Eumundi Markets sharing their products with the locals. Bee Eco now has an extensive reach of customers with the aid of this Market community to where they are now shipping their product to 30 countries around the world.

“The Eumundi Markets are such a specialty artesian market unlike anything else. To have a stall there, you either have to bake it, make it, grow it or sew it. It was in being aware that these were values that align with ours that has made our time there as stallholders so enriching for our souls” said Matt.

The Bee Eco Stall Holder Story is another of the many just waiting to be discovered at the famous Original Eumundi Markets every Wednesday and Saturday rain, hail, or sunshine shine. Come visit us for your own journey of discovery.

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