23 Aug


The journey to starting a small business is an exciting time, but it doesn’t come without a lot of questions and confusion. You’re probably asking yourself, where do I even start? Here is a list of our top tips to set you up for success in the market world!

Have an Eye Catching and Cohesive Display

When is comes to standing out in a busy market, a visually appealing and cohesive display is vital. You can achieve this by crafting similar display banners and signage that seamlessly blend into the overall theme of your business. Not only does this reinforce your business’s professionalism, but it also showcases your brand’s identity. The ultimate goal of your display is to create a space where people want to stop and look. Use colour, fonts, and visuals that align with your brand and resonate with your target audience. A visually appealing set up creates lasting impressions. It is also important to have your prices clearly on display so customers don’t have to ask. Simple things such as table cloths, utilising height differences, and having your products clearly displayed often go a long way. Whether it’s a branded marquee, matching banners, or a cohesive colour palette, it all contributes to a seamless display.

Be the Face of your Brand at the Markets

The beauty of having a business at the markets is that you get to meet your customers face to face and form a connection with them. Beyond the products you offer, it’s the story behind them that truly resonates with customers. By being the face of your brand, and being friendly and approachable in your stall,  you can engage your audience with the narrative that sets your brand apart.

Utilise Social Media

Social media serves as the perfect place for showcasing your entire brand. You can share your story, offer glimpses of how your product is crafted, display customer feedback, and showcase product shots. You can also use social media to keep your audience up to date with what markets your business will be attending, making it so you are easily accessible. Social media is vital in adding depth to your business and allowing customers to appreciate the effort that goes into what you create.

Have your Insurance ready

At the Original Eumundi Markets, you are required to have $20M Public Liability Insurance. If you are a food vendor, you will be required to have  Food License as well. Being prepared ahead of time means that your application process will be a lot more efficient.

Set up Multiple Payment Options

Accept card, cash, and even Afterpay at your stall. By doing this, you are appealing to everyone in anyway they choose to spend their money!

Be Organised

Many busy markets fill up sites quickly, so it’s important to lock in early any dates you would like to attend. Pre plan in advance, and know when and where you would like to attend markets. This way you will never be disappointed by not being able to attend the market you wanted to if they are full!

Take Advice from other Businesses

Markets are full of business owners wanting to share their advice. It is always good to soak up as much wisdom as you can from those around you. Hear the lessons learnt, and the wins along the way. But don’t lose site of what YOUR specific goals are!

Above all, remember to stay patient and be persistent – success takes time! Have fun and enjoy yourself on the journey!

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