Dots to Destiny.

Donna Taylor is a new face at the Original Eumundi Markets. Her market stall ‘Dots by Donna’ is fast becoming a drawcard of fascination for visitors from all walks of life.  But Donna is not a new face on the scene of creative talent.  For the past decade, Donna’s artistic pieces have adorned homes of admirers world-wide.  She is a multi-award winning visionary with her art regularly featured in exhibitions in New York, Sydney, and Melbourne…just to name a few. Donna is also about to launch her first children’s book further showcasing the brilliance of this local Sunrise Beach mum.

So how did this incredible journey to notoriety begin?

It began a decade ago with a meltdown and a blank piece of paper. A new mum, Donna was trying to find a way to juggle an exhausting full time job, a hubby, a sixteen month old, and hold on to her own sense of identity in the process. She needed a way to vent her frustrations. In that moment she grabbed a pen and started dotting a blank piece of paper in front of her. Those dots became a picture. That picture became her way of getting her head into a better frame of mind. That picture became her destiny.

Unbeknownst to Donna, hubby took a photo of that creative focus and proudly posted it on his personal Facebook page. It became an instant hit.  Initially wanting to throttle her hubby, Donna went back to the drawing and finished it. It was reposted and the orders came flooding in. She gave up her day job and their lives and livelihood have never looked back.

Donna’s discipline of patience to master her dot work, also known as stippling and pointillism; became an untapped gift at a timely crossroad in her life. It transformed her family’s good fortune opening many new pathways for this enormous local talent. Each piece an original that can take between 40 to 200 hours to fully complete.

Donna’s work has evolved from that first drawing. Her website, ‘Dots by Donna’, features the array of incredible drawings and products this still busy woman now produces. Donna sources all her raw materials locally as well as now doing all her own printing.  Whether your taste is Australian Animals; Africa; Dinosaurs; Woodlands & Jungle; Sea life; Sunflower Collections; Black and White Prints or Prints with Watercolour…. the art appeal of dot work is there to everyone’s taste.

‘Each drawing is not forced, it is sensed with an innate calling to bring it to life’, says Donna. ‘It becomes a form of art made up entirely of a series of methodically placed dots that quite literally turn into personalities and conversation starters.’

This internationally award winning artist is changing the way we look at art. Prints, Wall Decal, Tea Towels, Stationery. Donna Taylor is now here at the Original Eumundi Markets.

Donna Taylor is the Stallholder and talent behind ‘Dots by Donna’. This story is another of the fabulous stories just waiting to be discovered at the Original Eumundi Markets, Wednesday and Saturday, rain, hail, or sunshine. 




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Written and prepared by : Celeste Frances Scott : Mary Valley Writer : 0416 117 541

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