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Around the close knit community of market stall owners everyone knows her as ‘Feb’. ‘It’s easier to remember than my traditional Indonesian name of Febyola’, says Feb.

Feb Lubis is right at home in this bustling atmosphere of tourists and sun seekers all surrounded by colourful wares and  merchandise, handmade with purpose, passion, and pride. Working retail has been Feb’s life having extensive hands-on experience in her parents’ surfing outlets in Bali. But Feb has now found her own calling and is riding a different wave of success. It all comes down to honouring the individual cultures of each of her parents, by serving up something that is traditionally delicious to her customers at the Original Eumundi Markets.

Indo Pies is a wholesome and enticing combination of Indonesian cuisine rich in flavours and encased in the golden crust of an aussie made pie. Each pie is filled with fresh locally sourced ingredients which has Feb stepping right into her traditional elements.

Feb’s mother is of Indonesian heritage. Her father is a true blue Australian.  Feb was born in Jakarta and now calls the white sands of Noosa home. Here she lives with her husband and children. Her Indonesian roots have always been important to Feb. Searching for a change of pace and lifestyle, Feb had an idea.  What if she could blend the generations of her mother’s family cooking methods, flavours, and recipes; with her Fathers Australian culture being the love of a wholesome and filling Aussie pie.  And so, Indo Pies was born.

Beef and Potato in Rendang Curry; Chicken and Vegetables in Satay Sauce; Mung Bean with Garlic and Shallot; Beef Sausage Rolls drizzled with that rich Rendang sauce.  The flavours take you on an eastern journeys of enjoyment.  Feb makes and bakes everything onsite on market day and all the pies are gelatine free. She serves up each with a delicious side of crunchy noodle salad.  For those who prefer, the pastry can be swapped out for a serve of tumeric rice to accompany the dish.  For Winter, Feb is also serving the rich filling of the pie with a homemade sambal sauce which is spiced with a mix of chilli.

This is Feb’s first business venture on her own.  What she has discovered as a stallholder of only two years at the Original Eumundi Markets, is that she is surrounded by a wealth of experience and expertise. The stallholders who set up around her all follow their own passions and for some, they have been doing this for many years on this very site.  ‘We are definitely one big supportive family. The energy and vibe of these markets takes me right back to the engaging and diverse lifestyle of beach trading days in Bali’, says Feb.

Feb Lubuis is the Stallholder and talent behind ‘Indo Pies’. This story is another of the fabulous stories just waiting to be discovered at the Original Eumundi Markets, Wednesday and Saturday, rain, hail, or sunshine. 




Email: feby.indopies@gmail.com

Written and prepared by : Celeste Frances Scott : Mary Valley Writer : 0416 117 541

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